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News Report - June 2021

Like the prophet of old, after overcoming much trials and tests he was able to testify of God's help saying, "hitherto has the Lord helped us." 1 Samuel 5:12. This is also our testimony.

The Covid 19 virus has been a great challenge for the mission ministry, robbing myself and Olga of two mission trips; nevertheless we were able to motivate the local workers on the field and their efforts in ministry were commendable.

We are grateful that we were able to build a large concrete slab with drainage by the side of the Mission House, which prevented flooding's from the heavy rains. 

Please join with us as we believe together that the Lord will bring the Covid challenge to an end, and the heavy rains will cease. We will then be able to continue with the proposed program of Bible training and the building program. 

Thanks for your continued support and ardent prayers.

Olga joins with me in sending our love and gratitude. Cease not to pray for us.

Sincerely submitted,

Pastor Lloyd and Olga Bisnauth.  



MAY 2021

In the absence of Pastor Lloyd, missions work still goes on. Gillian, our contact in Guyana recently had a successful ministry. There were many wonderful manifestations of the Spirit, but heavy rains in the area were hindering the work of the Lord. Due to heavy rains and high tides the church area in the river has been under water. Pray for God's help.

Travelling up the river - 25 persons sav


Brother Bobby and the local team go up the river for ministry. On this occasion, twenty-five persons accepted the Lord Jesus!

We are the church not the building.jpg

We Are the Church, Not The Building!

Because of the heavy rainy season we were able to get a little tent. Lots of Natives will be jam packed in this tent to hear the Gospel message, where they receive healing, deliverance and salvation.


Ministering to the Brethren

Brother Bobby ministering to the brethren in the rivers.

Pastor Bisnauth and the team from Canada were unable to be there for the ministry because of the Covid crisis. Please pray fervently so that the door for missions to Guyana opens again.



July 2023

Find out the latest news with Missions in Guyana.
May the Lord continue to bless this outreach and the gospel workers. Your prayers and continued support are greatly appreciated.

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